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Installment Negotiations

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Installment Agreement Negotiations

Negotiating an installment agreement or payment plan is a much better option than non-payment resulting in wage garnishment, tax liens, levies and property seizures. We are here to walk with you through this process and serve as your voice. Working directly with the IRS is difficult.

If you have filed your tax returns but are unable to pay the taxes due, the IRS may be willing to negotiate a payment plan or installment agreement.
The negotiation process can get complicated, and working directly with the IRS will always result in terms that work in their favor. The IRS will review and allow or disallow your expenses to determine how much you should pay each month. They will insist the taxes be paid as quickly as possible. However, you may have options aside from their suggested repayment amount and term.
Working with an Anderson Bradshaw Tax consultant will provide you with the opportunity to review your income and living expenses and determine which are considered “allowable” to the IRS. We have expert knowledge of every option available to you. You don’t have to be strong-armed into a repayment plan that doesn’t work for you.

Once we negotiate and come to an approved agreement with the IRS, it is important to make every single payment on time. A single late payment will put your tax account into default and collection activities from the IRS will begin.

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