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  • Immediate Tax Relief Help
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  • Offer in Compromise Negotiation
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Assisting with All IRS Notices
  • Innocent Spouse
  • Multiple Years of Tax Preparation
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  • Remove Tax Liens
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  • Stop Wage Garnishments
  • All Other Tax Matters

Relief Consultant

Whether you are facing issues with your personal finances or business finances, Anderson Bradshaw has a tax professional that can help you through your unique tax situation. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have seen many different tax issues and have learned the best ways to handle them based on each one of our clients’ unique situations. You can feel confident knowing your struggles and difficulties with the IRS can be resolved and corrected quickly and efficiently.

Best of all, our firm serves all 50 states. Regardless of your specific location, you can choose to work with us to get your tax issues resolved. Below are the tax relief services our tax consultants can help with:

  • IRS Tax Relief
  • Stopping Wage Garnishment
  • Removing Bank Levies & Lifting Tax Liens
  • Ending Penalties and Interest
  • Tax Negotiations & Settling Back Taxes for Less
  • Establishing an Offer in Compromise
  • Resolving Back Taxes Debt
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If you find yourself in a situation where dealing with the IRS is becoming too stressful or you just want to know what your best options are to resolve your back-tax issues, Anderson Bradshaw Tax Consulting is here to help you.

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Anderson Bradshaw’s tax professionals have helped thousands of businesses and individuals just like you resolve their tax issues and/or IRS back taxes. Call us today at 877-550-3911 for a 30-minute Free Tax Consultation or fill out the form to receive a complimentary Tax Evaluation. Our tax consulting professionals at Anderson Bradshaw are here to provide you with superior support and will patiently navigate you through the process and help resolve all of your back tax problems and get you the tax relief you deserve.

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We start with a free 30-minute evaluation of your tax situation. This helps us understand what services you will need so we can prepare to help you.

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No matter what services you need, we will assign you a tax consultant with relevant experience. Your consultant will request your information and begin the process of resolving your tax problems. They will take the lead on your tax issues, advocating for you to receive the best possible outcome for your unique situation.

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We Help You Find Resolution

We start with a free 30-minute evaluation of your tax situation. This helps us understand what services you will need so we can prepare to help you.

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Let us know your tax questions and get answers fast. Message us or call to discuss your tax issues, and we can match you with an experienced tax consultant who can help. Contact us for a free tax consultation and evaluation.

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Why Hire a Tax Relief Professional?

Full Support on Your Tax Journey

If your tax situation is too complicated or stressful, we can help. We work to help you meet your goals, end the stress, and get back to your life—without the tax worries.

Your Personal Tax Advocate

Our experience working with the IRS gives us intimate knowledge of their processes. Don’t take on the IRS without someone on your side. We can use our knowledge and experience to advocate for you and defend your rights.

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Who We Serve

People Who Need Personal Tax Debt Relief or Other Tax Services

You know how to run your business but taking on your business’s tax issues can be intimidating. Small or large, we can help you get your business taxes back on track.


Whether you need to reduce your IRS tax debts or use another personal tax service, we can help. Let us know your tax problem, and we can offer resolutions.

All 50 States

Our tax professionals can help you no matter where you live and work in the United States. We work with clients across the country and are familiar with all state tax laws and regulations. Our team of tax professionals works virtually, which means we can match you with the best consultant for your situation and location.

About Anderson Bradshaw Tax Consulting

We know that when it comes to taxes, you need a partner you can trust.

Tax Consultants with Heart

Our tax consulting professionals provide support rooted in patience, thoughtfulness, and understanding. We are passionate about helping our clients get their personal and business finances back on track.

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Seasoned Tax Experts

With over thirty years of service, we have acquired the skills to tackle even complex tax matters. Our tax professionals have the experience and knowledge to help you out of your tax problems.

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